Transportation And Infrastructure

Transportation And Infrastructure

*This Intersection Has To Be Fixed!

Fund the Route 1 | Route 9 road gateway and District 20 transportation gridlock Now. Build for the future responsibly.

*When elected, District 20 will  then have Jack as an elected Democratic advocate going forward with a Democratic Governor and Democratic Speaker of The House in Sussex County. This now has a better chance of getting necessary downstate  funding to finally make projects  happen through DelDOT.

*Move the proper percentage of deserved monies from our budget downstate. Coordinate state legislation with the County Council master plan, to fund reasonable growth.

*Fund  faster internet as a public utility to pull the future business park bottlenecks away from congested highways and existing agricultultural locations.

*Directional color coded highway signage.  Simplify the traffic flow identifiers for District 20 approach roads to Incoming visitors.

*Enact coordinated growth policies to secure our air, clean water, beaches, and farmlands for our children and grandchildren.

*No! On Overbrook!


Worth Repeating To Pull Traffic Away From The Rt1 & Rt 9 Corridor:

*We Need To Get Faster Internet Here.  Create, then fund new legislation to build a fast middle and last mile "Community fiber optics public utility" and a "Community I.T. cloud".  In the technology community, these clouds are collaborative services in which I.T. cost Infrastructure is shared by various local businesses. This is what relocating and start up industries are now looking for. We  also need to keep our young talent here with full time fair paying careers and benefits. District 20 needs fast internet access to world markets, products, and services to compete in the future.


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