Sussex County Safe Water Pledge

In The Legislative Battle For Clean Water, Jack’s Pledge Will Be:

*A mandate that all real estate transactions having private wells must provide a drinking water test paid for by the seller within the prior 12 months before closing.

*A funded Clean Water Bill to address and bring safe levels to the existing drinking water and waterways throughout the state.

*Consolidation of errant private well areas into publicly managed water districts.

*Providing needed funding for state farmers to upgrade the stewardship of their operations to safe levels.

*Increasing, by one third, the DNREC staffing with the specific direction of monitoring, enforcing, and executing fines for industrial polluters with well water Nitrate levels above 10mg/liter.

*Create an increased revenue stream by raising the cost of permits with a sliding payment scale based on yearly water usage.

*Mandating municipal standards for handling industrial sewage treatment. Eliminate the process of using fields for waste water spraying procedures.