State And Local Impact Issues

State Impact Viewpoints

*No!  on “Right To Work”.

*Affordable healthcare for all.

*A $15.00 an hour minimum wage. 

*We need better services for people on opioids.

  • First responders need to be  carrying narcan to save lives.  More on Narcan (Naloxone) Click Here

Click Link For Audio:

Audio recording Credit: Dan Gaffney (Radio 105.9) is stunned by caller Larry's admission that he wants his addict relative to die. Caller Harry joins in to express his desire to see people live. A Dan Gaffney caller face-off about Narcan distribution and pro life attitudes concerning addicts. 8 minutes.

*Although some schools are at the top tier nationally, We need to strive to bring Delaware's education system up to this level for all students.

*Bolster senior services to enable our elders to remain independent as long as possible. 

  •  Monies for targeted state senior advertising with high touch in hand media, not more high tech messaging to local seniors.  Explain how existing Sussex DART ( transit actually works  In Sussex for their use.
  • Fund the DART ( gaps around where Sussex seniors actually live.
  • Fund and  boost health care transit availability.

*Underwrite the freedom to enjoy life, liberty , and the pursuit of happiness In our coastal towns.  Consider: zero tolerance for bullying,  Mutual respect, and manners are part of our Delaware DNA and must be protected with any ongoing legislative changes. 

*Support all resident and our visitor's greater good. simply stated; equal rights for all.

*Yes, I support a woman's right to choose.

* I stand with the students and Gabby Gifford's pledge: "I promise that I will vote courage in November and support candidates who will stand up to the gun lobby and take action to make our communities safer from gun violence."

  • Did you know? Our campaign is supported/endorsed by the Sandy Hook Center in Newtown, Connecticut for our gun reform views. 

John (Jack) Bucchioni’s Position Statement On Gun Safety In Delaware:

The concerns in our state with common sense gun legislations are currently at the forefront of our voter discussions with good reason. The Delaware General Assembly has again begun to address these issues in Dover.

To be clear, I support the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, a citizen’s right to own a gun for sportsman’s activities and protect their home.

To clarify my views specifically on gun safety, I do believe the 1994 assault weapons law was a positive step.  Unfortunately, the original 1994 assault weapons law was written so that it would expire after ten years.

When the 2004 law sunset came around a few states, including New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey, maintained their own versions of the law on the books.

To this position, I strongly support Delaware bipartisan efforts to:

*Ban bump stocks, with amendments for current owners to address their pre-existing concerns.

*Require a state permit to purchase and own firearms

*Limit the maximum magazine size available in our state

*Ban assault style weapons in Delaware.