Protect Our Local Quality Of Life

*Protect Our Quality Of Life (Safe Drinking Water For Starters):

Download Dr. Kim's Slide Presentation From The League Of Women Voters' Water Forum For The  Health Effects Of Unsafe Drinking Water On The Below Link;

Click Here- nitrates_water_final_-_kim (1)

Above Photo - Pink Dots Are Above Safe Standards (10 is the ceiling For Safe Drinking Water With Nitrates).

*Protect our clean water tables: Want to test your drinking water? click here

*Or here for an independent third party (unbiased) American testing facility.

*Or here for the "Keep Our Wells Clean"  community action group who will help you test your well: 

*Or well owners can buy test kits for $4.00, at:

  • The Sussex County Environmental Health Field Services, Thurman Adams State Service Center, 544 S. Bedford St., Georgetown, DE  19947,  302.515.330