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Letter: Ineffectiveness is hurting District 20

October 19, 2018

The District 20 debate at the Milton Public Library between candidates running to be Delaware state representatives was very telling.  It was sad to see Steve Smyk try to defend his indefensible record.

He said it is not entirely his fault. He has a point. As a Republican in a Democratic state, he cannot be in the majority caucuses. This means his influence is negligible. I personally searched the voting records. In the six years he has been in office, he has not been the primary sponsor of even one bill.

Unfortunately, his ineffectiveness is hurting District 20. We are not getting our fair share of state money, our groundwater is compromised, our roads are clogged, getting an appointment with a doctor is impossible, we don’t even have a decent internet connection.  Steve Smyk has failed miserably in his responsibility to represent District 20 in Dover.

I live in District 20. I am fed up with government’s ineffectiveness. It is time to change our state representative.  I am voting for John (Jack) Bucchioni.  He promised to get things done. He has two years.

Kent Baschwitz


Letter: Candidate responds to Purdy primary letter

September 28, 2018

As a preface, Mr. Steve Smyk, my competitor, has been civil with me throughout our campaign for the District 20 House seat (Harbeson, Lewes, and Milton) in 2018.

Additionally, there have been no personal or divisive attacks on either side to date to my knowledge. Then (Not District 20) Republican Party operative Laurie Purdy submits her letter to the Cape Gazette which, allegedly, appears to be a “ghost-written” piece, playing the victim by negatively characterizing our volunteers’ poll behavior during the primaries.  My reaction is to invoke the popular phrase Laurie may understand; it is ‘fake news,’ nice try.

Verbally attacking our volunteers in her divisive letter is without merit and attempts to open the door to piling on unfounded faux propaganda; simply put, it will not stand. Laurie’s partisan, spin-peddling letter warrants my personal response as it was mischaracterized, self-serving, and totally uncalled for. Republican surrogate Laurie, with malice, just crossed the line to negative campaigning for Mr. Smyk.  Without naming him and by identifying her attack with telling terms such as “so-called volunteers” and “supporters of the Democratic candidate for State Representative” she has spoken loudly as a defensive surrogate for Mr. Smyk’s campaign, hiding behind this arm’s-length letter to the editor.

Clearly, Laurie interfered and, allegedly, was coached concerning District 20 local Harbeson, Lewes, or Milton political business.   Yes, Laurie does work for the Republican Party in neighboring District 14. Knowingly, Laurie conveniently omitted the fact that Mr. Smyk (Republican) was engaging at the same poll station at the same time, validated by election district voters’ firsthand accounts. This is the Republican Party and Mr. Smyk’s campaigning right; no complaints here, we welcome the competition.

Regarding the literature information presented to exiting voters within the designated area, it was a selected factual list of Mr. Smyk’s ‘on the record roll call votes’ on issues vs. John Bucchioni’s view of how he would have voted on these issues. Look for yourself. I would think Mr. Smyk’s voters are happy with his actions; mine are not, let the election decide:

Regarding the quality of our Bucchioni volunteers, they are professional, extremely enthusiastic, motivated, and operate at a very high level of energy. We love them all. Further, I am thrilled at the positive voter comments afterwards heralding how pleasantly surprised Democratic voters were on the large size and depth of the Bucchioni ground-game organization. This gives me great inspiration as our run for the District 20 seat is gaining more and more traction every day now.

In summary, Mr. Smyk and I do have wide differences on Harbeson, Lewes, and Milton legislative priorities for the future. Given my opponent’s selected ‘on the record’ roll call votes, we do see the future through different lenses. Ultimately, the voters will decide what future they want coming from their next District 20 state representative. See for yourself at our League of Women Voters-hosted debate at the Milton library Oct. 10, at 6 p.m.

John (Jack) Bucchioni
Candidate for District 20 
Postal Milton


Cape Gazette, Campaign Trail 07/27/18July 26, 2018 

20th House district Democratic Committee supports Bucchioni

The 20th Representative District Democratic Committee endorsed John Bucchioni July 19 in his race for the Delaware House of Representatives.

Bucchioni is challenging Republican incumbent Rep. Steve Smyk, R-Milton, for the seat that covers Lewes, Milton, Coolspring and Harbeson.
“Jack has been actively knocking on doors of residents in District 20, listening to their concerns, since announcing his candidacy this past January. He clearly understands the challenges to ensuring that our quality of life is protected,” said 20th District Chair Kerry Thalheim.

“Bucchioni is committed to supporting clean water initiatives, and efforts to bring entrepreneurial businesses and healthcare career jobs to augment existing industries in Sussex County. He is an advocate for bringing fast internet to this area, making District 20 more attractive as a place to establish healthcare facilities and 21st century businesses. Also, Jack recognizes that our transportation/infrastructure problems can only be solved by the willingness of local, county and state entities to work together.”

Bucchioni is a 67-year-old retired senior business executive and educator. His business experience includes serving as vice president of The Boyds Collection Ltd.; president of Cherrydale Farms, the oldest national school fundraiser company in America; and as general manager of Maryland Plastics Inc., a division of Bio Medic Corporation, an international and domestic hospital laboratory equipment manufacturer. Bucchioni has been a full-time resident in District 20 since 2011. He has a bachelor's degree in education from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and an MS in education from Binghamton University of New York.

He is an active member of the Milton Lions Club, Lewes American Legion and Sussex League of Women Voters. He and his wife, Linda, live in Milton. They have two sons, one daughter and five grandchildren. For more information, go to


Nice conversation with Senator Carper today between raindrops at Cape Henlopen FB Coach Collick's retirement BBQ.


7/19/2018 Thank you District 20 for last night's endorsement, it is much appreciated!



Honored to be endorsed today by the Delaware Stonewall PAC. I fully support the LGBTQ community. This endorsement is very special to my family and I on many levels. Thank you for this!


John (Jack) Bucchioni, Paulette Rappa, and Meg Kelly at the Women's March/Action Delaware Candidates Forum.




Today, I had a one hour private meeting on Dems House District 20 campaign strategy Ideas with Delaware's Governor Carney. I'm charged up and ready to go! WOW! An impressive leader for sure! Go team blue!




 Love To See Our Milton Blue Shirt Volunteers! They Were Out Today Up And Down The Crowds At The Milton St Patrick;s Day Parade Sunday March 11, 2018.




Proud to see the great turnout of  Sussex County supporters at the Beau Biden Foundation kickoff in Dewey Beach last night. This wonderful event went off without a hitch, scripted by Executive Director Patty Dailey Lewis.


Pictured Above; Saturday March 3, 2018  Coffee With The Democratic Candidates At The Sussex Democratic  Headquarters In Georgetown, Delaware.

Candidates In Attendance Left To Right: John (Jack) Bucchioni (State Representative District 20, Harbeson, Lewes, And Milton),  Kathy McGuiness (State Auditor), And Don Allan, State Representative District 36 - (Milton North).


Jack_Alonna copy

Event Photo - John (Jack) Bucchioni, Democratic Candidate For The State House District 20 Seat, And His Campaign Manager Alonna Berry At The Dover Maple Dale Country Club Chowdown For Charity  2018 (Feburary 23)


Apology Letter From The Delmarva Broadcasting Company:

Mr. Bucchioni,

Your letter was received by our CEO and passed along to our facility here in Milford.  We have spoken to the reporter, who has made a correction to the story.  Please accept our apologies for the mistake and please know that it was not done with any malicious intent.  The corrected story can be found at the link below or on the home page of Delaware 105.9.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the number below or simply reply to this email.  Again, please accept my sincerest of personal apologies for this unfortunate mistake

Bill Vernon

General Manager

Delmarva Broadcasting Company



January 9, 2018 Cape Gazette Article On Jack Bucchioni