Key Issues

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Selected  Goals For 2018-2020:

We as Delaware Democrats need to elect a super majority in the House and Senate this midterm election.  More  "blue" elected General Assembly seats means passing future legislation with Democratic values for the greater good with  fair proportionate funding to Sussex County. Key opportunities exist to:

*Attract 21st century business and healthcare expansion with jobs that pay a living wage. These new opportunities will help stop the export of our younger generations moving to other towns for opportunities.

*Fix the reimbursement rates on insurance to existing Delaware physicians and healthcare facilities to consistent on par standards with other states. Get fast internet now so health specialists can bring realtime "over the internet" services into their facilities.

*Improve wait times thru attracting more physicians and healthcare workers.  Lower healthcare costs for  all Delawareans.

*Focus on getting safe waters in Sussex County.

*Fix our roads, transportation networks, and get fast internet now.

Please note: DelMarVa Democrat  John (Jack) Bucchioni ‘s local Issues are defined as concerns RD20 voters have personally expressed to him.  John (Jack) has canvassed the State House of Representatives District 20 of Harbeson, Delaware; Lewes, Delaware;  Milton, Delaware; Cool Springs, Delaware; Angola, Delaware; and surrounding areas throughout 2018.