Attract New Business And Jobs

Attract New 21st Century Business And Jobs

*Let's Bring In New Modern Business With Full Time Career Jobs.  We need to augment the Sussex County tourist, retail, real estate, and agricultural business economy with an additional 21st century channel.  Target, with funding, small entrepreneurs, automated fulfillment warehousing, and tech centers.  Add funding to increase opioid treatment facilities, and create permanent full time healthcare job opportunities.

*Allocate funding for new 21st century business tax break incentives, and study private sector operating models.  Revisit the Lewes - Cape May Ferry operation, a working case study.

*Attract more doctors to an under served District 20.  It takes too long to get appointments, then office wait times often are behind.  Yes, the existing doctors are great in District 20, we just need more of them.  One possible future is to accelerate the processing of  new doctor's credentials (Review, streamline paperwork, bureaucracy, and fees) from qualified states if they move into Delaware.


*We Need To Get Faster Internet Here.  Create, then fund new legislation to build a fast middle and last mile "Community fiber optics public utility" and a "Community I.T. cloud".  In the technology community, these clouds are collaborative services in which I.T. cost Infrastructure is shared by various local businesses. This is what relocating and start up industries are now looking for. We  also need to keep our young talent here with full time fair paying careers and benefits. District 20 needs fast internet access to world markets, products, and services to compete in the future.


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