Your New Voice For Tomorrow:

I was recently motivated to step up from my prior life into the race for the 2018 Delaware House District 20 seat. My new focus is triggered by recent consequences of the 2016 election and residual local effects.

To paraphrase President Obama's farewell address, he said "don't complain", he then inspired all Democrats to "do something about it,"  "Pick up a clipboard and run for an office, any office, up and down the ballot, even if you have never run." I heard President Obama loud and clear.

The fundamental Democratic values we can all agree are important have been challenged since the 2016 election. Career jobs with fair wages, affordable healthcare, critical roads, communication infrastructure, safe drinking water, parks, wildlife, and the American dream, are all under siege. Now, we are seeing serious threats to our coastal quality of life. It's time to step up and do something positive for our home, the 20th District. Working together we can secure the future.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        John (Jack) Bucchioni 



"High levels of nitrate in drinking water are known to cause the potentially fatal blue baby syndrome, which inhibits the blood’s ability to carry oxygen. Nitrate contamination has also been increasingly linked to other health impacts such as thyroid cancer, gastrointestinal issues, miscarriages and birth defects."

"It is also a widespread pollutant, especially in southern Delaware, where scientific studies have linked it to historical agricultural practices and faulty septic systems when combined with the vulnerable nature of the state’s generally sandy, shallow groundwater system."  Source - Delaware online April 26, 2018.